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     June 11, 2024

 The 2024 MHSA Calendar Art Fair is coming up soon!

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     February 23, 2024

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     January 25, 2024

In January of 2024, Nathan Green, Wellness Center South’s Employment and Education Specialist, and I were practicing some chord changes we needed to improve, while at Wellness Center South. Some words came to me and the song, Shine…Wellness Center, was born. The first version of the song was just two verses and a chorus. I asked Nathan for his guidance on how to improve the lyrics and the changes he made fit the song. He also wrote two more verses. Mark, a Wellness Center South member, suggested making the song personalized and that is how the third verse, which notes all three Wellness Centers, was added. The song went through a few more revisions to become what it is today. It’s a good way to launch the new year, 2024.

-Brian Gilbert, Lead Peer Specialist, Wellness Center Central 

Shine…Wellness Center (Lyrics)
                     By Nathan, Brian and Mark

I couldn’t tell up from down
I was spinning, losing ground
Then I had such a surprise
Found a place that opened my eyes.

I was lost way out yonder
Discovered groups that made me ponder
Join us for the places we’ll go
We’re really good to know.

Shine…Wellness Center
Now I’m here and feeling better
Meet you there, I won’t be late
Now I’m feelin’ great!

Central, South and West
Choose the one you think is best
Feel free to visit them all, if you
Need support, answer the call.

Come on down to the Wellness Center
Where your new friends have all gathered
We’ll make music and play some games
Everyone’s gonna know your name.

(Repeat chorus twice)