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Wellness Center Central program is funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

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          Physical Groups

Exercise is good for physical as well as general wellness. It stimulates brain chemicals that can produce feelings of well-being and relaxation. Groups range from education through nutrition and fitness challenges as well as low impact workouts to dance.

Wellness Center Central is committed to provide peer-to-peer support and community integration, offering an array of groups and resources to increase the wellness of the community of Orange County through four key areas.

Wellness Recovery Action

Plan (WRAP) is an evidence based practice, helping members to develop their own personalized wellness and crisis plan.  This plan helps members to recognize and monitor distressing behaviors or feelings while

developing a strategy to cope          with them effectively.  

Our Success

"During all the years when my bipolar disorder remained undiagnosed, I never, ever, thought that someday I would find, and rediscover, the person--the scholar, with so much promise that I once was.  I thought that person was gone forever.  Thanks to the incredible support, encouragement, affirmation, and validation I have received here at Wellness Center Central, I have found that woman again, and I thank you."

          ​Emotional Groups


Our emotional wellness comes through creative expression, support, and building community.  Some of the groups offered include a wide range of arts including

jewelry, glass arts, floral design, and

even written expression such as poetry

and WRAP.

​​College Community Services

​​College Community Services

                Social Groups


Help to become a part of our community and the community at large by attending outings, participating in Friday night socials, learning life skills, and practicing job preparation. 

Our Services


          Spiritual Groups


Spiritual Wellness involves groups that create insight, awareness, and growth of one’s personal self through the practices of meditation and enlightenment while practicing acceptance and understanding.


Center Central 


Our core values at

Wellness Center Central  are our

anchors.  They have encompassed

principles of the Recovery Model, Pathways 

Values, and values agreed upon by The Wellness Center

 staff.  The Anchors will guide all decisions

involving members, staff and community. 

The anchors will be reinforced during orientation, supervisions, team meetings, one-on-one

 interaction, and community